How does


InfectoTest® is a fluorescent microscopy based assay which captures and concentrates whole parasites in an extended immune sandwich reaction.

How does InfectoTest® work?

Parasite Enrichment & Single Cell Detection

Assay Reagents

Three essential components lysing cocktail and two specific antibodies designed to target the malaria parasite’s surface antigens. The first antibody serves as the capture antibody coupled to magnetic microbeads. The second acts as a detection antibody linked to a fluorophore.

immune-Sandwich formation

Both antibodies work together to bind to released parasites, forming an immune-sandwich without any washing steps.

Magnetic capture Detection

A magnet pulls down the magnetic microparticles along with the fluorescently labelled parasites into a single plane. Fluorescence microscopy visualises and quantifies the single cells automatically in one microscopy image and parasite densities displayed as a diagnostic result.