About Zendia GmbH

Zendia GmbH as biomedical company develops innovative systems for the diagnosis of infectious diseases at the point of care.

Zendia’s strategy is to develop new modular diagnostic products. It is based on an optimum financial resource utilization by lean management, outsourcing and intensive collaboration with highly qualified technological partners.

What does Zendia mean?

Zen (Chinese 禪 Chán) comes from the Sanskrit word Dhyana (ध्यान), which – freely translated – means „state of meditative contemplation“.

Following the way of Zen is one of the most difficult tasks a human being can accomplish. Zen students are demanded to give up their selfish thinking and finally their self. Therefore the path of exercising generally takes many years to go. However, the way is always regarded to be the aim and practicing is synonymous with being rewarded.

Diagnosis is derived from the Greek: διάγνωσις, diágnosis - meaning „differentiation, decision“. It is composed of διά- „by-“ or „through-“ and γνώσις „insight, view“.

From διά chán = dia zen = „through Zen" we formed „Zen Dia" = Zendia, because the path we follow with our developments is our aim, because the creation of solutions is our meditative contemplation and because we reduce diagnostics to a minimum of operational effort.